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florida permits

If you wish to apply for the Florida permit, then read thru this carefully to get the information you need to accomplish it. We no longer offer the training required for the Utah permit, sorry.

Before you decide to get another states permit, you should know that your NV permit is good in quite a few states, including UT. See our reciprocity page for the details of it here: Reciprocity Page

If you still want one, read on.

For a Florida permit, our regular certificate of training will qualify you for this permit. You will need to get the application and fingerprint cards from them, and study Florida laws carefully if you intend to carry there. You can read more and get the application here:  Florida Info

You can see what states a NV and FL permit will enable you to carry in, by going to our links page and the NRA's reciprocity page, or our reciprocity page in the column to your left.