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In the past we tried to maintain a list to email the newsletter to, but it turns out that the spam filters make it very difficult to send bulk email anymore.

So, we will post this on the website from time to time for you to peruse if you wish.



July 2014

Hello again, it's been a long time since we posted a newsletter, and lots of things have been happening in our business!

We are celebrating our 20 year anniversary of Sierra Firearms Academy this year! We have proudly served our community with high quality Firearms Training all these years, and have made many friends in the process. We appreciate all of you, and thank you for referring your friends and family to us. We give our best efforts every class for you, and that's why we are still doing it.

So, this year we celebrate with the purchase of a building to operate our classes in, and it will be our permanent home until we retire for good. It is a beautiful office suite located across the street from where we have been the last 6 years. It's 145 Isidor Court, Suite F, Sparks NV 89441.

We have purchased a very high tech Laser Judgemental Training system that is here and available now. With that you can come in and test your judgement against branching video scenarios where sometimes you should shoot and sometimes not. It sharpens your skills and judgement in preparation for what we hope never happens. In addition, there are a number of skill training tools on it for shooting skills. Dave and I had these kinds of systems to train the Sheriff and Reno PD people back in the 90s when they cost from $250K to $330K. The price has come down some and it's a far superior system to what we had then. We'll hope to see you come try it out. Look for the announcement on the Training page about it.

There have been changes in the system for concealed weapons permits too. Now you only have to shoot one gun of any kind to qualify, and that will allow you to carry any handgun. Your permit will no longer list guns.
The NICS exemption that allows you to show your permit when buying a gun to avoid the $35 background check, has been restored for some time now.

We are asked occasionally why our fees are higher than many of the other outfits doing training. Our rates have not changed in 14 years now. Our last rate increase was in 2000. Long ago we decided that we would not participate in the price cutting frenzy the others have gotten into, trying to attract large numbers of students and cut the other schools throats.

We offer a top quality product to discriminating customers who are more interested in getting the best possible training experience over saving a few dollars. We do our training in a first class facility, and use a professional range facility for shooting. Facilities like that are not cheap and we can't compete with the cheapo schools in price. You can sit outside in a tent along a road somewhere if you like, but it won't be with us.

I invite you to compare our resume with the cut rate guys, and then you will understand the difference. If you have taken one of our classes, then you already know.

So 2014 will be a busy year, and we will hope to see you soon. Be sure to get your permit out right now and check your expiration date. Five years rips by before you know it. If you are within a year of expiring, you can take the class anytime. Apply for the new permit 120 days early and there can be no lapse in your permit.

If you have already expired, you get 120 days to get the application to renew in to the Sheriff (and take the class). If you go past that, then you will have to take the 8 hour class again.

See you all soon!


Mike & Dave

Train with the professionals who train the professionals.